Friday, June 15

twenteens and tequila

Nothing beats a night out with friends.

I was at Kassel Serfino's birthday party last night at the Korean Grille Bar. I brought her a sweet li'l teddy bear with a heart that says "Happy Birthday". (So gay, I know!)

Although a bear isn't obviously not enough to show how much this friend means to me, I did my best to make her feel that she's special and being loved. To make her feel that celebrating her birthday with her is actually celebrating her life. More like a victory party for going through her early twenties and the ups and downs that come with it.

The barkada was there. Dondon Casila, Carrie Mendoza and Andy Molina were the usual fun-to-be-with but at the same time, there-when-you-need-them friends. I'm glad I hanged out with them again. Too bad the rest of the gang couldn't come---Awoy CariƱo's in Manila and Kayzie Zepeda's in Cebu.

Sharon, Franco Villo and a good friend Sonny Cabahug (all from Xpresscom Channel 11) were there too, and a few other classmates of Kassel's. It's been a long time since Sonny and I saw each other, so we were catching up (and discussing his/her bleached hair and what she thought of Silip, hehe).

This kind of time you spend is invaluable, priceless, timeless --- singing along (Bamboo's songs mainly, as Kassel is the guy's number one fan in Bacolod), drinking tequila and eating sisig-flavored chocolate cake with your good old friends. (Carrie protests--she's not a good old friend, if you know what she means).

Then it dawned on me, only I and Andrea are 19 in this crowd. Everyone else is in their twenties already. We're not getting younger. (KZ hates that phrase, I remember).

And honestly, I am not really looking forward to turning 20.

But then again, if you're no longer a teenager, you can always shy away from adulthood a little bit. You can be a twenteen.


Andoni Valencia said...

as i was reading your blog article, it also came to my mind that indeed life is short and we are not getting any younger and no one is exempted of that fact.

but for me, as life goes on and so does your age...

whats important is you live life to the fullest and atleast made a sacrifice for others especially the deprived people of our society which Mahatma Gandhi calls them in India as the "Untouchables" because everything in the country is changing, new presidents, senators, from corrupt to corrupt, from injustice to injustice, from no. 1 to the moast shameful country in the whole world...

For me whats important is, for once in your lifetime you made a difference, you made an impact in other one's life, whatever the outcome is and ignoring what other people may say about your actions...

it doesnt matter what age you are in, the bottom line is we will all die someday, somehow...

Just Finish what you started dave.

God bless you!

"Be the CHANGE that you wish to see in the world." -GANDHI

matt valerio said...

hey dave! it is nice to hear that you're aware you're not getting younger. but why not ready to be 20? that's still young. i have the same feeling about turning 30. now imagine how would that feel?

and funny that you are now entertaining the idea of twenteen.