Friday, January 20


You cut my heart
Stabbed, ripped it apart
I watch in agony and in joy…
The sight of it is gory
But still I laugh, and then
I cry

I let it bleed
Let it ooze like red mud
With the stench of spoilt love…
The smell of it is nauseating
But I inhale, and then
I choke

I beg you now
Come hurt me, slay me
Feed on my muddy, bloody heart…
Its taste despicable
But it is real and rich of relish
You thirst for

My chest is open
You slashed it, left it stinking
While knowing that the twin of pleasure –
Its pain – is grave, eternal,
But you so very badly want it,
You want me


Monday, January 16

((Sound ChecK))

the beat vibrates
and reverberates

shakes my insides
shakes my existence

tries to shun me off
from your quakes

but i'm loving it
and i'm growing

to crave for it
to dance with it

to embrace it
to assimilate

it to my system.
your sound check

turns me on
beat so erotic

beat so strong
beat so brave

beat the beat
beat me

and don't wake me up
from this ear-deafening fantasy