Thursday, June 7

IQ of a filipino-american serial killer

I was, as usual, wandering around Wikipedia. Trip ko subong, famous serial killers. And to my surprise, I found a Filipino-American in the list. His name sounds gravely familiar. A name I can trace back to my conscious childhood years.

His name, Andrew Cunanan.

I was engrossed reading his 13-chapter biography and the story of his killing spree ten years ago. (Found this bio in; if you want to read it, click here at your own risk).

I might sound sick in saying this, but it seems that I felt both shame and pride of what this Fil-Am criminal has done. Before he committed suicide, he killed 5 or more people for three months across at least three states in 1997.

Here's an excerpt:

When he graduated from high school, the outgoing seniors were asked to describe themselves in a single quote for the yearbook. Andrew chose one that might have had in it a warning, but, as usual, made his peers -- probably even himself -- laugh. It was viewed as a typical Andrew Cunanan stunt. His quote was one attributed to King Louis XV: "Apres moi, le deluge." "After me, disaster."

And disaster was after him. Andrew Cunanan's murder frenzy created news in the US --- Andrew was not your typical serial killer. Before he started planting bullets in heads, he was a smart-ass, sophisticated 21-year-old socialite. His IQ was 147.

The fact that he grew up around a conservative Filipino soldier as a father did not stop him from being gay. He was pretty famous back in his California high school days, before of course turning into a murderer, because of his jolly, winning, court-jester personality. And just a few years after, he became one of the most wanted criminals of the FBI in the late 90's.

He killed his two ex-lovers, two complete strangers, and the world-renowned fashion designer Versace before he shot a bullet into his own head. And his was a "beautiful head - smart and warm". It was a tragedy... A story of the real-life Talented Mr. Ripley... The modern Dorian Gray.

Again, I might be sick. I wondered, how much was my IQ? Could I qualify as a serial killer, maybe? Not that I imagine myself drilling holes for bloody brains to gush out of them - I was just pathetically curious.

So I googled for an online IQ test. And got this:

I got 133 IQ. I was not focused while I was taking it (was chatting with my friend Kayzie Zepeda) and this test might not be standardized Mensa measurement, but it said I am Mensa-level and I am a little over ten points away from 147. Something close to a mad scientist, or a serial killer. Eerie, eh?

To be really honest about it, if all else fails, if hell breaks loose, if I lose myself, I might turn into a spree murderer myself. Now isn't that more creepy? According to Kayzie, it's "brilliant and scary". I call it beautifully tragic.

I know. I can be that sick most of the time.

And if you also want to know your IQ score and find out if you are also serial killer material (gulp), click here.


andres said...

shame! i can't believe you seem proud of what that monster did to a fashion icon. he is a filthy homosexual.

Anonymous said...

i was not particularly feeling sick about this guy killing versace. i remember him pretty well from the magazine subscriptions of my dad 11 years ago when i was in my 4th grade. and like you, he kept me interested instead of grossing me out.

plus i am particularly proud because it's a filipino triumph. (given our too close and casual make pakialam your kapitbahay culture it is practically impossible for us to have a serial let a pinoy in the states do it for us! haha)

chris gonzaga said...

i dont know, i just dont think evil people like him is worth mention on any blog. he deserves to rot in hell w/out anyone remembering who the devil he was

Anonymous said...

dave, look for the book called smaller and smaller circles by fh batacan. it's the only filipino fiction i know about a serial killer. the book won the national book award in 2002.

KEVIN said...

Andres: Newsflash. Your fashion icon, Versace, was also gay.

You're a filthy homophobe.