Friday, June 30

my relationship with a 36-year-old woman

Had another late night Starmart session with Jong. A night like this stresses me and relaxes me too. Hehe. But that's relaxing for the most part.

I love Jong. Our relationship is so rich and enriching. And oh, the relationship is very much platonic; if it's more than that, then it's like a mother-son relationship minus the nagging. :-) The fact that she's twice my age is so negligible. But that makes her wiser than me. And that's actually to my advantage.

Tonight, this was the best lesson of wisdom I learned from her. "Answer only what is asked".

Jong: Dave, you know what fuego means?
Dave: Yes. Fire.

Jong laughed so hard, so it made me think. Of course, I laughed harder. Sometimes I can be so amusing. Thanks to Jong.

I think I also made one philosophical stament tonight. I was chainsmoking and suddenly, unconsciously bit a nail. Me: "Fuck, how redundant."

BTW, the title of this blog is the final title for Jong's biography in progress. Well, not that final. I am thinking of "My relationship with a woman twice my age":-) Love you Jong!

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