Monday, June 26

dad to a dog

Let me introduce to you,

He is a 4-month-old shih tzu. If you know about dogs, this breed is an ultra-spoiled brat, categorized as a toy dog.

And he really flaunts it.

His mommy (owner) Lenlen, has a class the whole day for her Master's so, I agreed to dogsit Boy George for her.

But it was just more than dogsitting. I admit I am not a dog-lover, or mammal-lover, but this time, there is an exception.
I love Boy George. (His mom prefers Georgie). The whole weekend I devoted my time combing his hair, making him drink, making him eat, playing with him, kissing his nose (yes!), and of course, wiped his pee and pooh-pooh.
He even slept beside me.
Sunday morning. I realized I love this dog (and I'm not doing this for the owner alone, hehe) when Boy George licked my face to wake me up. Isn't that sweet?
So I'd like to be called a Dad to this dog. Not just a dogsitter. (okay, Len?) Hehe.
All the photos here were taken by Lenlen. :-)

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ledrolen said...

THANK YOU for posting my first born!hehe