Sunday, April 23

From A Soul Exhausted

When the orbs dim the ticker starts to die,
While horrors are unleashed it weakens and retards,
Poor and pooped the ticker starts to die,
Poor and pooped, possessed by soul exhausted.

Yet horrors come unleashed, possessed by souls malicious,
Yonder death discreet come phantoms of the night!
No wonder he grows frightened, fearing, forever hiding
From phantoms of the night he lies away concealed.

Yonder death discreet his ticker starts to die,
Into slumber he sails into the Stygian sea-straits;
He sails away concealed from horrors all unleashed,
He sails away concealed, but his soul still exhausted.

Suddenly the silenced Stygian sea-straits
starts wailing, whining, like phantoms in the night,
His soul yet again grows frightened, fearing horrors just unleashed
Wailing, whining, forever hiding, from horrors all unleashed.

And the soul exhausted wailed and whined a phantom in the night
His orbs dim and his ticker starts to die,
It weakens and retards along the Stygian sea-straits,
Poor and pooped, the ticker dies concealed!

From the wailing and whining comes a voice malicious,
Frightening, fearsome, the true phantom of the night:
"Sail into the Stygian sea-straits, where you once slept..."
Sail away concealed yonder death discreet!

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