Thursday, May 31

the corporate curse

I never even thought I could land a job so easily. And to fit in quite fine in an air-conditioned, corporate environment? Definitely a far cry from my left-leaning / tree-hugging / peace-volunteering days.

But the pains of working for a trans-national company begin to kick in. I can feel the rising tension between manager and subordinate, between policies and employees, between a job that pays the bills and a dream career that is obviously not this.

I am feeling the corporate curse. That eerie knowledge that you have a Boss, someone who perpetually questions your performance, your office ethics, your punctuality, your adherence to the dress code, and even the authenticity of your reasons for calling in sick.

That guilt, knowing if not for that goddamned pay, you don't have to deal with overreaching, over-competitive, ultra-conservative co-employees who all plan to climb that narrow corporate ladder.

That moment I become possessed by greed and pride, spending away my half-month's pay for petty things like overpriced pizzas and vices like Lucky Strikes and Chardonnay bottles.

That certainty you are under the spell of your payslip. The corporate curse.

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