Tuesday, May 2

Lucifer's Songs Part 3: "The Star's Fallen"

"How art thou fallen from heaven,
O Lucifer, son of the morning!
How art thou cut down to the ground,
which didst weaken the nations!"
-Isaiah 14:12
Hear, O Father of Heaven! You've made outcast
Your son, Your heir, Your One Bright Light
that gently shone but now You've made aghast.
And I, Your Fallen Seraph, humbled by your height
shall never again will proudly seek
power-led ambition threatening in your sight.
I speak not, resist no further, be as meek
as Your lowly creatures need no redemption.
I shall be hid by the dark of parapets weak.
But behold! Sheol's parapets find me reason
to wonder at their howls and look Up High concerned:
Gates of Heaven darkened, to me they willed to mention.
And I myself can see how dark the skies have turned
as if all its torches, candlesticks put out.
Is there, O Father, I ask, a cause for angels to mourn?
I, then, have come to realize, as echoes of my call are all about,
that my query is obviously unwelcome,
that I cannot be heard, that I have no more mouth.
No more mouth, no more wings, no more Kingdom!
No more voice, no more light, no dignity!
You stripped them all from me, the worst is done.
Hear, O Father, the Highest Diety!
I beg to warn how gloomy Your palace is!
Put another seraph to bear a light almighty,
To bear a light like mine was his.
O Father, put another seraph, but wait,
choose the one with no ambition nor malice.
Strangely, an answer has come, a knock on my grim gates.
Is this Your messenger with apt reply You sent?
And yet again a louder knock, so I went up to see who brings the fate.
Strangely, a legion of my kind down here they went,
gathered in my gates condemned, so I wondered like I have not:
What brings you seraphim in the darkest of the dens?
Strangely, I in the shadows never got
any reply from this congress, or from God.
Yet I knew, I understood, why here they're at!
So in their midst and on the mount of Nod,
I kneel and pray to You, O Father,
of these angels' state, broken wings, bloody sad.
I call upon You, I know that You are near.
My heat of black from brutal burning
calls on You so please lend me Your holy ear.
For at Your holy ear I shall scream with rage upstarting!
Fuel my rage, and I shall light these depths
with my once great Fireball avenging!
O Father, how You choose to be so deaf,
You throw me here belittling my great of past?
You punished me with dark uncertainty, I wished for death!
And struck the gates of Death, the lightning has
ignited flames that summoned my awaited wake.
From Fall I rise an ancient Throne of Battledust.
I stir the earthly flames and pour into a Lake
all melted gold, all lampposts made
and make these seraphim the loyal guardians of the Lake.
And this Kingdom I built shall cause Yours to fade
Like it has now, how Your House turned, oh, so dark
because You sinfully brought down Your Star and froze it dead.
But I, the frozen Star of Dawn, shall shine and spark,
I shall reign again and redeem my morning glory,
build the greatest Empire ever marked.
Nevertheless my prayer is truly
Incomplete without due thanksgiving.
So here is gratitude, of which You are worthy:
Thank You, Father, for offering
a dark nullity for me to enlighten,
a chance to regain the true Star's Shining.
Thank You, too, for these seraphim
who believe in my cause, shining, too, in my Light.
My kingdom's come, O hallowed be Your name!
And most of all I thank You for the sight
of mortals, by appointing me your Satan.
I'll do as You please, I shall burn them with my might.
Alas! The Fallen has risen to rule the mortals' land.
To reign over their human nature, over judgment
of earth and its serpent-fearing inhabitants.
I shake all mortals' ground with my incredible strength,
For out the serpent's root shall come a fiery smoke.
I thank You God, for telling them this apocalyptic legend.
For I am now a master of every possible Rock.
These Churches, Oh how they make me stronger and greater!
By taking form of beast or demon, defining their horrors unlocked.
The Fallen by Your blessed curse is indeed empowered,
My Hell be done on earth as it is in heaven.
While dawn is called, and so am I, Your Son, the radiant Lucifer!
Author's Note:
God didn't create us, we created him.
Option 3 for "Sarcasm Wanted"
***Finally, I am done with the last part for the Lucifer's Songs series.
This is my first major attempt on a terza rima. (For more info on terza rima, click here.)
Thanks for Tainted Whisper's contest options I have been enlightened of how shall I write the finale for my Lucifer tale. And oh, sorry for the length!

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