Thursday, March 9

For Three Poetesses


behold my arm
I reach out to you
callused it may be
bleeding it may seem
I offer it to redeem
you from make-believe
and immerse you
down, abyss
for them but bliss
for us


with much angst and pride
you rock your side of world
so how could I ever forget
such sweet dark thoughts
of a life-bitcher like I am?
oh hear me,
let me explore his mouth
with my pierced tongue.
I will please him
like I do you.
let me love him,
suck him,
like you want me to.
love evil,
suck evil,
the way I want to.


what is that light I see?
though faint I'm sure
that it is there.

what beauty and misery
could I ever
compare to thee?

what joy it has caused
to me as if
it is joy itself.

what pain that cure
has tried to
take away.

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